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Galaxy Towing Equipment Introduces North Americas’ Newest Product Line.

Whittier, California — Hadley Towing Equipment Incorporated announced North Americas’ first full line of towing equipment that has been manufactured overseas. Galaxy Towing Equipment carries Self Loading Wreckers, Standard Duty Wreckers, Flatbed Carriers including a Zero Degree Carrier, True Medium Duty Wreckers, 35 Ton Integrated Wreckers and Rotators with 40, 50, 60 and 70 Ton Capacities.

Pricing Advantages and Quality

Many customers have already benefited from their purchase of Galaxy Towing Equipment. Galaxy Towing Equipment was designed over a 2 year period by actual towing professionals, owners and engineers who collectively have purchased well over 300 tow trucks since their inception. “ The rising cost of existing product lines, insurance and fuel have reduced the profitability for the entire Towing and Recovery Industry in the United States”, according to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mark Hassan of Hadley Towing Equipment. He is quoted as saying “after purchasing almost 30 units in 2004 it was time to begin the painstaking design, engineering and planning to bring some relief to the entire Towing and Recovery Industry”.

The Factory that has been contracted to produce the Galaxy product line is an I.S.O. 9001 Certified Facility and is manufacturing the line conforming to all S.A.E. standards.

Overseas manufacturing has allowed Galaxy Towing Equipment to incorporate improved changes to the equipment and still maintain substantial savings. Galaxy Towing Equipments' Light Duty Wrecker (Model 4000) has a 6000 lb under lift that has been de-rated to 4000 lb extended capacity for increased durability and performance without additional cost. The Galaxy 5 Ton Carrier is a diamond plate, solid side rail unit with a full 21’ useable platform (not 19’) 102” wide (Standard), A side mount 8,000 lb winch adds to the flexibility of the unit which is able to accommodate the newer luxury vehicles which only have one tow hook on either the driver or passenger side and is expected for a straight pull (not diagonal) as not to cause any damage. The sub frame has been equipped with not only top slide pads but with additional side wear pads for additional sub frame protection and stability. The list goes on for all Galaxy products.

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Galaxy Towing Equipment Availability

The Galaxy Towing Equipment Factory is in full production. There are units on the ground currently in our Whittier Facility ready for shipment and/or installation.

Distributor opportunities are narrowing fast. If you are interested in becoming part of the fastest growing organizations in the United States, contact us immediately.

Exclusive Financing Opportunities

Galaxy Towing Equipment has great retail rates along with dealer floor plans available. Ask your representative or dealer for details. 888-659-8899